I’m Making Some Changes Around Here!

Guys, I’ve got some big things in the works here in the next couple of days.


First and foremost the blog is going to go through some changes.  I’ll have a new address so make sure you bookmark it or change it in your reader if you need to.  You’ll find me at adventuresofadogmom.com.

Second, the blog will be going through some changes in design as well but you’ll see the same content as before!  I’m not changing the good stuff!

And third, I’m in the process of starting a dog walking group in Longmont, CO and would love to get some advice from anyone and everyone since I’m new to the idea.

So ready or not changes are coming!

Arugula Ristorante

How late am I on this post?  The hubby and I went for dinner at Arugula for our anniversary back in May.

May.   It’s now August!

Pretty late huh?  But, I’m still dreaming about that meal!

We started by having a few drinks.  I ordered a Pom Pom consisting of Kettle One vodka, Pama liquor, fresh strawberry, pomegranate juice with a sugared rim.  It was tasty but really strong, I hadn’t eaten much that day so it made me a little giggly.  OK, very giggly.  Even a little dizzy.  Let’s not talk about it.  Moving on.  John loves to try local beer and had several, the names however completely escape me.  (Maybe it was that drink!)

pom pom

We both wanted to have an appetizer but couldn’t agree on what to get so we each got one!  I ordered the Housemade Mozzarella with charred bread, fried capers, tarragon basil pine nut pesto and tomato jam.  I’m not kidding when I say I dream about this dish.  I could have ordered it for my main meal and dessert and still wanted to have more.  The mozzarella was creamy and perfect all on its own but when paired with everything else it was amazing.  Seriously amazing.  I’m drooling just thinking about it now.

housemade mozzarella

The Pork Shoulder Rillettes that John ordered for his appetizer had pork that had been braised for 12 hours.  And, with the addition of charred bread, blackberry-fennel jam and whole grain mustard dressed frisee he was one happy boy.  He said the flavors combined really well and he would definitely order it again sometime.

pork shoulder rillettes

I ordered their Pear Gnocchi for my main dish.  I was a little nervous about it because it paired sweet and savory and I’m not normally a fan of that all in the same dish but it worked.  Oh my did it ever work.  The combination of ricotta gnocchi, pears, spinach, gorgonzola and cream was so good.  None of the ingredients overpowered any of the others and the flavors really came though but was still really light.

pear gnocchi

If he could have John would have picked up his plate and licked it, he liked his Duck Confit Gnocchi that much.  It was the same ricotta gnocchi but was handled completely different with the addition of duck, asparagus, orange.  Again a combination you don’t really run across that often but it worked very well.  Like I said, he would have licked his plate.

duck confit gnocchi

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I was let down by my dessert.  Can you believe that I didn’t fall head over heels for their flourless chocolate cake?  I originally wanted their coconut cake but they were out of it.  So maybe knowing I was settling skewed my opinion a bit.  But, it really did taste dry and was really cold.

flourless chocolate cake

My dessert experience isn’t going to keep me from returning to eat there though.  The service was fantastic, the drinks were good and the appetizers and meals were very tasty.  I just hope I can try their other desserts!  Maybe the coconut cake?

*To see other yummy places to eat, check out my Restaurants page!

How to Spot and Prevent Animal Abuse Infographic

I’ve got an introduction and an infographic I thought would be great to share with my animal loving readers, it was written by Danny Burns a blogger for Instant Checkmate about how to spot and prevent animal abuse.

We like to think that everyone loves animals. Unfortunately, many animals are continually abused, abandoned, hoarded, forced to fight and much more. The worst part of it all is that dogs are the most commonly abused animal. Dog fighting is reported all over America, and ever since the highly publicized Michael Vick case, it has only increased.

Animal and wildlife abuse is a much bigger problem than you might think. For example, did you know that wildlife trafficking is one of the largest criminal operations in the world?

The good news is you can do something about it. There are a number of steps everyone can take that will help animals get the love they need and deserve. Check out this graphic and help stop animal abuse!


animal abuse

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Boomer and Dottie Make Friends

Boomer and Dottie are pretty bonded, it can be tough for them to make new friends.  Boomer is always too excited and scares off the potential friend with his screams of joy when they are near while Dottie is so skittish she won’t let her guard down and misses out on the chance to make nice.

But… they managed to hold it all together yesterday and made not one but two new doggie friends and were on their best behavior with the human too.  I don’t think  it’s possible for me to be more proud of my furry little ones.

So who are these new friends?  I’m sure you already know them…

torrey and roxy

It’s Torrey and Roxy from Tales from the Back Road!  (If you’re not familiar with them check out their blog!)

Anyway… Mary and her husband Al were just right up the road in Loveland from us at Sculpture in the Park and we thought it would be fun to meet up and let the dogs check each other out.  I was excited for Boomer and Dottie to meet some new dogs.  And, I was excited to meet another blogger in person, I’m so bad, in all my blogging this has been my first meeting.

I picked a park in Longmont with lots of shade and grass, water fountains and sidewalks for us to meet in.  I wanted to make this as successful as I could.  When John and I pulled up to the park I recognized Torrey right away from across the park!  I’ll be honest I couldn’t see Roxy that well, she is a little small.  But, once we started walking towards each other I knew the dogs would be OK.

While Al was at the show, Mary, John and I sat and talked, the dogs sniffed around in the grass, watched and sometimes chased the squirrels, ate treats and received lots of love.  Everyone did so well!  There were a few barks at one another but there were no sideways glances from Dottie and Boomer kept his screeching to a minimum.  And, neither Boomer or Dottie used their size to be bossy!  (Let me tell you I was such a proud dog mom that there was a special ice cream treat on the way home.)

I really enjoyed talking with another blogger and realized yet again what a missed opportunity Blog Paws 2014 was for me.  I really do need to get to the next one or meet up with other bloggers.  It’s really nice to talk to someone else who blogs, there are so many ideas and thoughts to toss around!

Boomer Dottie Torrey Roxy

Can I just say wow is it ever hard to get 4 dogs to look at you at once for a photo?  Way to go Torrey, you were the only one to look at me!

And, Mary it was so nice to meet you, I hope that if you’re ever on the Front Range again we can meet up!