Flavor of India

When we first moved to Longmont last year we were a little disappointed in the amount of restaurants in town.  Sure Boulder is right up the road and we can also drive to Denver or Fort Collins the opposite direction.  But, who wants to do that when you don’t even want to cook?

One thing we’ve always been used to is an abundance of ethnic food.  We love Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese… I can keep going here but I think you get the point.  So we were very excited to see Flavor of India right on Main Street and went in with our very high expectations.

I’ll be honest, we love this place, not only do they offer a daily lunch buffet and a special dinner buffet on Wednesday nights but they also have take out.  I’d say that we probably dine in about once a month which says a lot since we like to try new places.

We’ve tried several of their appetizers and while the Picnic Balls are pretty tasty with their potato filling, sesame seeds and mustard seeds I’ll always be a Samosa girl.  You just can’t go wrong with potatoes, peas, lentils and spices in a fried triangle of dough.

flavor of india
picnic balls and samosas

They have a pretty extensive menu so it’s tough to pick an entrée.  So far we’ve tried several dishes including the Chicken Madras and Matter Paneer.  Both of which can be made to your own spicy level.  (I like that they ask, because my spicy is a lot less than the hubby’s spicy!)  They were both really good dishes but not our favorites.

chicken madras and matter paneer
chicken madras and matter paneer

Once we tried the Chicken Tikka Masala (a dish they are known for) and the Shahi Paneer it was over.  We pretty much order them every time we go.  Both dishes are creamy and spiced perfectly.  The masala with its tomato base and tender chicken get my hubby every time.  And, I drool while waiting for my perfectly cooked paneer with cashews.  I think I’m going to start drooling as I type…

chicken tikka masala and shahi paneer
chicken tikka masala and shahi paneer

And, no dish is complete without Basmati Rice and Naan both of which they do really, really well.  The rice is always perfectly steamed and has cumin seeds mixed in.  The naan is always freshly baked and hot.  And, both are the perfect vehicle for sopping up the left over sauce on your plate.  Yep, it’s that good.

basmati rice and naan
basmati rice and naan

We almost never go home with leftovers just stuffing ourselves until we can barely walk and almost every time we go one of us says, “Now this is comfort food.”  And, I can’t think of a better compliment for them!

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100 Happy Days

I’m sure you’ve probably seen the hashtag 100 Happy Days floating around social media for a while now.  Well… I’ve decided to join in and do a challenge of my own!

Basically you take a picture everyday of something that has made you happy, you tag it #100happydays and share it on a social media platform.

If you’d like more information you can go to this website.

I’m posting all of my pictures to Instagram so make sure you follow me!

And, if you want you can start your own 100 happy days challenge, I look forward to seeing your pictures if you do!

happy face

Dottie is Learning to Walk! #DogWalkingWeek

At nine and a half years old you’d think that Dottie would be a master of the leash, a dream to walk, the perfect walking companion.  Unfortunately she’s not.

You see ever since she was a baby Dottie has pulled on the leash.  She hates to let anyone be in front of her either another dog, another animal or a person.  She pulls like she’s trying to win the Iditarod!  Seriously, walking her is a nightmare.  You’re frustrated and she’s just keeps pulling along!

Until recently.

I’d had enough.  I work at a dog training facility and I can’t seem to get my own dog to walk with a loose leash.  Talk about embarrassing!  So I decided to take action.

I started with individual walks with just the two of us.  Sometimes we wouldn’t even make it down the driveway.  Other times we could only go around the block.

But, I figured something out on those walks.  Her fear of feet is causing a problem in keeping her near me.  We have no idea where the fear came from but it’s making walking a little difficult.  So I’ve been coming up with a plan to deal with that.

I decided that she didn’t have to walk right next to me, she can be at the end of the leash as long as it’s slack.  And, when someone or another dog comes near she has to come and sit by my side until they pass.


Making the rules is one thing, implementing them is a whole other ball game.  It’s not easy changing the way you’ve walked for 9 + years.  So I had to find a way to get her attention.  The one thing that will stop Dottie in her tracks is food so that’s what I decided to use.

So here’s how we work now:

  • I put on a treat bag stocked full of yummy tasty treats to give out
  • Dottie has to calmly stand or sit while her leash is attached to her collar
  • She’s not allowed to pull going out the door
  • In the driveway she is asked to sit
  • Once she’s focused and calm, she gets a treat and we walk
  • Anytime she checks in without being asked she gets a treat
  • When there are distractions I ask her to check in with me and she gets a treat
  • When she pulls on the leash I stop walking and wait for her to come back to me
  • When someone or another dog is coming by she has to sit and will get a treat when they have passed
  • At the end of the walk she gets another treat

Dottie Mae

Sounds pretty simple right?  It’s not, it’s constant work.  Especially with distractions.  Everything distracts this dog!  But, we’ve made amazing progress to the point that the hubby is now walking her with these rules and Boomer and I can walk along with them.

I’m really proud of my little girl and feel bad that we’re having to deal with these issues, it’s my fault for not teaching her sooner.  We’ll continue on our practice walks with just the two of us and we’ll continue walking with a full bag of treats for those distractions she just can’t get away from (squirrels, bunnies, cats, etc).  And, we’ll keep walking as a family.  After all practice makes perfect!