100 Happy Days Project

I decided over 100 days ago that I wanted to complete the 100 Happy Days Project.  I figured it would be a great way to see the good in everyday and share it.  Here’s a few of the photos I took.

Dottie and ice creamcollage 1As you can see there are lots of pictures of Boomer and Dottie and their cookies and toys.

53collage 2Plus some of the beautiful landscapes around Colorado.

56collage 4Of course some of the tasty treats I’ve had are included.

86collage 3And, then a few little odds and ends.

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Destroyer of Toys, Part Three

My boss and I decided that we were going to do an experiment with Dottie.  The reason being I took a toy home from work and she destroyed it in less than a minute!  Anyway, we decided to see if there was one out there that she couldn’t chew to shreds.

If you haven’t already read the posts Destroyer of Toys and Destroyer of Toys, Part Two you can check them out here and here so you can see first hand the destruction she can cause.

After some thought the Pickle was chosen as the toy to test.  It’s a treat dispensing toy that bounces, floats and is free of latex and vinyl.

the pickleThe first few times I gave it to her filled with peanut butter and she loved it.  She tried to chew on it and just couldn’t get the right grip.

the pickleThe next couple of times I filled it with treats and she couldn’t even get them out.  She gave up and walked away.

Dottie and the pickleThe times after that I just gave her the pickle to play with.  She tried to chew on it but she just couldn’t get her teeth and paws in the right places to rip it apart.

Dottie and the pickle She’s had the pickle since August and it’s still in one piece.  Dare I say that we’ve found a toy The Destroyer of Toys can’t tear apart?  Only time will tell as I keep letting her have it with and without food in it!

Meet Ebby!

Remember how I went back to Kansas last week to visit family?  And, how I finally got to meet my grandparents new dog, Ebby?

Oh my gosh, I love her.

Seriously, she almost ended up in a suitcase to come home with me.  She’s an absolute doll!

EbbyCompared to Boomer and Dottie she’s so tiny.  And, unlike the two of them she loves to snuggle.  I couldn’t get enough of her!

Before leaving home I packed up some yummy treats and several new toys and was determined to teach her some things.  I was on a mission!

You see she’s a retired show dog, had several litters and then was sold to my grandparents.  What they weren’t told was that she wasn’t housebroken, had never touched foot on grass, was extremely submissive, didn’t know how to play or really be a dog.  And, now my grandparents and my mom are helping her to learn these things.

EbbyWhen we weren’t busy cuddling, we worked on sit, stay, come and of course how to play.  It took a while but she’s getting it.  Her favorite toy that I brought was a stuffed carrot that squeaks.

I started slow and worked with her a few times a day.  And, was so happy when one day she came in from being outside for a little bit and instigated some play.  I was so proud of her!  After that she played more often.  She just needed to learn how to do it!

EbbyI miss that little mama already!  Don’t worry Ebby, I’ll be back and we’ll play and we’ll learn more sometime soon!

Away I Go!

I’m taking off for a week to visit my family in Kansas since I won’t be able to make it back for the holidays.  It’s not easy for me to leave the hubby, Boomer and Dottie behind me but it’s only a week and I’ll have my family around me.

I’m excited to go back not only to visit with everyone but there is a new family member I’m dying to meet.  Her name is Ebby, a Westie, and she’s my grandparents new dog.

EbbyShe’s been with them for several months and everyone says she’s a little love.  My hubby even got to meet her before me when he went back to visit!  I was so jealous when I saw the pictures.  And, I was told that she really loved him (who doesn’t though, he’s an awesome guy.)

John and EbbyWhile I’m there we have some issues to work on that I’ll tell you about later.  So that’s where I’ll be over the next week.  I might have time to post and I might not.  But, I’ll take pictures to share when I get back.