The Fur Babies

It’s been a little while since I’ve given you all an update on Boomer and Dottie.  Don’t worry everything is fine, I just thought I’d share how things have been.

First, the Boomer Dog.  He’s such a good boy, I swear that the older he gets the sillier and sweeter yet more stubborn he’s becoming.  I think I’ve been letting him get away with too much.  Even though he’s quite demanding about getting his walks and playing every night by a certain time we’ve noticed that he’s moving a lot slower and his hips sometimes bother him.  However, he’s just as food motivated as before, he’s even snatched food and treats right out of my hand!  Luckily he hasn’t started counter surfing!


Then there’s the Dottie Dog.  She’s still just as intense as ever and we’ve started working harder on things with her to get her to chill out a bit.  As you already know she thinks she’s part sled dog and must lead the pack for every walk but we don’t appreciate getting our arms ripped out of their sockets several times a day.  So I’ve started doing some training walks just with her and then we continue those skills on the walks with the hubby and Boomer.  And, it’s working!  I’ll write up a post on it here sometime soon.


So that’s the dogs, doing well and feeling frisky with the cooler weather!

Collar For Collar

Are you in the mood for shopping?  Better yet are you in the mood for shopping for awesome t-shirts that when you purchase support organizations who rescue and adopt out dogs?

If so you need to visit, no you have to visit, Collar For Collar.  Not only are their t-shirts soft and stretchy but every month they choose an organization and donate HALF of the profits for every item they sell.

collar for collar

That’s my kind of company!  I’d seen so many people with the shirts lately and really wanted my own.  It was a spur of the moment purchase one afternoon but I don’t regret it.  The shirt is lightweight, soft and super comfy!  It came wrapped in a cute bag that I’m sure to find a use for and a logo sticker.  Very clever presentation!

I’ll be honest I bought more than just one shirt, I got one as a present for someone.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that they offer free shipping for orders of $50 or more!

I hope that you’ll follow my lead and make a purchase for yourself.  Not only will you be comfortable and look stylish but you’ll be supporting some really great organizations.  (The current group being supported is Wayside Waifs in Kansas City.)

And, just so you know they also have a great social media presence, I’ve included the following links for you so you can see for yourself and when you’re ready grab yourself a comfy t-shirt or two.







I Fell Off The Paleo Wagon…

I’ve been bad, I’ve been very bad.  I’ve completely fallen off the Paleo wagon.  And, the worst part is that I’m suffering for it.

Really suffering.

I’ve gained back a few pounds which makes me mad but that’s the least of my worries.  My skin problems have come back and in full force which on a daily basis makes me miserable.  Who knew that eating grains and dairy could cause such a problem?

Honestly, I think I fell off the wagon because I wanted to live the same life that everyone around me is.  I struggle daily with the jealousy that someone else can eat a sandwich or a piece of pizza or a cheeseburger and not have any problems.  But, if I do it my body revolts in the strangest ways possible.

I keep saying how life isn’t fair and why me.  Deep down I know all that it’s doing is bringing me down even more.  A lot of people who have to eat a restricted diet like me say, “but look at all the healthy nutritious food you get to eat.”  And, then I want to punch them in the face because I want to eat tacos for every meal.

Yes, I’m that frustrated.

Ultimately I know that eating this diet will help me, it did before.  It’s just really tough when there are so many things around tempting me.  It’s hard to socialize at a restaurant or at someone’s house when you’re limited to what you can eat.  It’s hard to plan a menu for the week for dinners much less breakfasts and lunches.  And, don’t even get me started on the temptations at the grocery store.  But, I have to grow a backbone and stand up for myself and my health.  I know I’ll thank myself later.

I heard this quote a while back while listening to a Balanced Bites podcast and it hit home, it practically smacked me upside the head.  But, it’s what I needed to hear because food is what’s hurting me.

“Tell yourself this is for now. This is while I heal and while I figure out what’s wrong with me. Every person has to hit their rock bottom of deciding when you’re at that point where you’re ready to give up the thing that’s probably hurting you. And that’s that.”           – Diane Sanfilippo

Now, I just need to take these words to heart and get back on track, no matter how hard it is because I want to feel better!  And, if anyone out there has any suggestions to make life easier or is willing to give me a pep talk please do!

dear body