I Fell Off The Paleo Wagon…

I’ve been bad, I’ve been very bad.  I’ve completely fallen off the Paleo wagon.  And, the worst part is that I’m suffering for it.

Really suffering.

I’ve gained back a few pounds which makes me mad but that’s the least of my worries.  My skin problems have come back and in full force which on a daily basis makes me miserable.  Who knew that eating grains and dairy could cause such a problem?

Honestly, I think I fell off the wagon because I wanted to live the same life that everyone around me is.  I struggle daily with the jealousy that someone else can eat a sandwich or a piece of pizza or a cheeseburger and not have any problems.  But, if I do it my body revolts in the strangest ways possible.

I keep saying how life isn’t fair and why me.  Deep down I know all that it’s doing is bringing me down even more.  A lot of people who have to eat a restricted diet like me say, “but look at all the healthy nutritious food you get to eat.”  And, then I want to punch them in the face because I want to eat tacos for every meal.

Yes, I’m that frustrated.

Ultimately I know that eating this diet will help me, it did before.  It’s just really tough when there are so many things around tempting me.  It’s hard to socialize at a restaurant or at someone’s house when you’re limited to what you can eat.  It’s hard to plan a menu for the week for dinners much less breakfasts and lunches.  And, don’t even get me started on the temptations at the grocery store.  But, I have to grow a backbone and stand up for myself and my health.  I know I’ll thank myself later.

I heard this quote a while back while listening to a Balanced Bites podcast and it hit home, it practically smacked me upside the head.  But, it’s what I needed to hear because food is what’s hurting me.

“Tell yourself this is for now. This is while I heal and while I figure out what’s wrong with me. Every person has to hit their rock bottom of deciding when you’re at that point where you’re ready to give up the thing that’s probably hurting you. And that’s that.”           – Diane Sanfilippo

Now, I just need to take these words to heart and get back on track, no matter how hard it is because I want to feel better!  And, if anyone out there has any suggestions to make life easier or is willing to give me a pep talk please do!

dear body

Writer’s Process Tour

You may or may not have seen a few posts around the blog world talking about the Writer’s Process.  All of the posts give us an insight into how the blogs are written and I find that pretty interesting.  I like to know how other people do it and maybe learn something along the way.

So when Sarah of Lola the Pitty asked me if I would like to participate I jumped at the chance to join in!  So read on to learn a little bit more about how I write this blog and at the end check out a link to a blog I enjoy following.  (If you’d like to learn a little more about Sarah’s process check out her post here!)

Here are the three questions I’m answering:

What am I working on?

Currently I’m working on several different posts, I usually am.  I’ve got a few posts I’m working on about Boomer and Dottie and then some about life in general.  But, I’m really behind on restaurant reviews from places we’re trying in and around Longmont and need to do some catch up there.  And, don’t even get me started on the recipes I’d like to share with you!
Recently I decided to start a Facebook page for the blog and have been trying to build up readers over there, I think I might hold a giveaway once I hit a certain number of readers.  So if you’re not a Facebook follower you need to go check it out!
I’m also working on starting a dog walking group in my area and am adding a page to the blog for it.  And, I changed my blog over from adventuresofadogmom.wordpress.com to adventuresofadogmom.com.  So many changes, hopefully all for the better.  I’m excited to see what happens!

Why do I write what I do?

My blog began as a creative outlet using the subject I’m most passionate about, dogs.  I started out as just talking about my own dogs, Boomer and Dottie, and health topics but it grew into much more.  I wanted to share more about what was going on with me as a dog mom from job changes to moving to another state, recipes and restaurant reviews, book and toy reviews, etc.

There is so much inspiration around us, we just have to find out what it is and then a way to use it!  In fact the area I placed my desk in our den is perfect for inspiration.  I’ve got natural light that comes in through a window, sliding glass door and a skylight.  I’ve got a cozy couch with my favorite pillows and a TV.  I’ve also placed my DIY Silhouettes of the dogs in this room!  My bike also lives in here as does my yoga mat, all the dogs toys and one of my favorite furniture pieces, a bookcase with sliding glass doors.  Since it makes me happy to spend time in this room I find it easier to write.

my blogging area

How does my writing process work?

I don’t really have a process which is bad, I should be more disciplined, even though I post at least twice a week.  I write very much on the fly when a topic comes to mind.  If I have time I’ll sit down and pound out the post but if I’m short on time I’ll just write down the title.  In fact most of my posts start out as just a title and I build upon it from there.  But, when I can I try to schedule posts in advance and then fill in with others when the time gets closer.



And, now for a blog I’d like for you to check out when you get a chance, believe me you’ll like it just as much as I do.

I’d like to introduce Wayward Dogs written by Crystal.  This was one of the first blogs I started following several years back when I started my own blog.  And, what was cool is that she was right up the road in Kansas City (well, 3 hours anyway).  Unfortunately we never had the chance to meet in person before I moved to Colorado.  Maybe someday!  Crystal certainly has her hands full with fostering to starting her own Wayward Dogs Foundation to her own business Beer Paws.  But, back to the blog, she promotes those interests there and share tidbits of her daily life.  So if you get the chance check out her blog I’m sure you’ll like it, this girl does it all!

crystal with coconut



I’m Making Some Changes Around Here!

Guys, I’ve got some big things in the works here in the next couple of days.


First and foremost the blog is going to go through some changes.  I’ll have a new address so make sure you bookmark it or change it in your reader if you need to.  You’ll find me at adventuresofadogmom.com.

Second, the blog will be going through some changes in design as well but you’ll see the same content as before!  I’m not changing the good stuff!

And third, I’m in the process of starting a dog walking group in Longmont, CO and would love to get some advice from anyone and everyone since I’m new to the idea.

So ready or not changes are coming!